Westfield | Michael Wood
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Michael Wood

Michael Wood

Owner and Managing Director


My family have been farmers for many generations at Westfield Farm, the passion to farm having been passed to me by my parents. I have always considered myself a Farmer and country man. From my very early days I was fascinated with nature and the creation of life, never more so than in the spring seeing a pair of Jackdaws flying past each with a twig in their beak on their way to the new nest site, the sparrow on the lawn trying to decide which of two goose feathers would be most suitable for its nest. The water hens looking for a suitable site to build their new home and the sight of the first swallow back from South Africa all go to inspire me.


I am a farmer, a creator of life, and a proud producer of food which ultimately helps to feed our world. It was from this background that Westfield Pheasantries was established in 1953, from small beginning’s breeding hatching and rearing pheasant chicks, under broody bantams. Things have changed since those early days; not sure what the broody mothers would think to our computerised high-tech hatchery which produces today’s chicks.


At Westfield Farms we specialise in the production of Pheasants from our closed flock, also producing Red-leg Partridge, Grey Partridge and Mallard ducklings, for nationwide customers new and old as well as our own shoots.