Westfield | Bernard Moss
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Bernard Moss

Bernard Moss

Headkeeper at Farndale and Head of Sales and Lettings


Bernard is a 4th generation gamekeeper, having grown up in the industry he has gathered experience over a long period and has a proven track record being involved in running shoots at a management level since the age of 20.


Having spent seven years at Farndale he has developed the productivity of the shooting to its current level and assisted in developing Place Newton and Black Park when a second opinion was helpful, having experience on the lowlands of east Anglia, rolling Cotswolds and almost mountainous terrain of Scotland and Northern England Bernard has gathered experience on how to maximise the birds on all his terrain at Farndale and the shoot now offers a wide variety of drives to suit most teams.


Bernard has more recently taken on the letting and sales side of the shooting business and with assistance from Michael any enquiries for shooting are dealt with between them and this offers a very personal relationship with clients.